Response to covid-19

As of Monday March 23rd, 2020, Tradition Fine Foods Ltd. has been identified as an



As a food manufacturer, Tradition provides essential services by making food products that are critical to the US and Canadian grocery store supply chain.

If you have an interruption in your supply of bakery products, please reach out and we would be pleased to help you, even on an interim basis.

These are unprecedented times and we give thanks to our suppliers who also remain open.  The collaboration has been incredible. And finally, we are taking numerous measures to ensure the well being of our employees and we extend to them tremendous gratitude for supporting our efforts. 


Production Capabilities

 With the support of our expert R&D scientists and engineers:                                    

                              Our catalogue expands as far as your needs! 

Contract Manufacturing:                    
         Complete Customer Solution


Our team is an extension of yours.  Bring us your formula, our scientists    and engineers will bring it to life, packaging and all.


From market research, ideation, sourcing, sensory evaluations, prototyping to production, we'll    support your project from A to Z.


Our expert teams of quality technicians and regulatory specialists ensures that each item we produce for you is impeccable.


Contact us

Tradition Fine Foods Ltd.  663 Warden Ave  Toronto, ON  M1L 3Z5  Canada

t: (416) 444-4777 f: (416) 444-7084

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